WestFest: September 16 & 17

WestFest News: Early Edition

Posted on May 25, 2016

Early Volunteers needed!

Key Positions need to be filled! Sign up to get a chunk of your 2016 fundraising commitment hours fulfilled, while supporting the event that YOUR children love the most! We are looking for people to take on the a shadow opportunity for the following leadership roles (note: this means you have someone in 2016 to show you the ropes and continue to fulfill the role for 2017):

  • Bingo
  • Info/First Aid

Step right up to get dibs on these options!

All the folks in the current roles have been a part of WestFest for years and have graduating students. They are ready & willing to train you to keep the tradition going! if interested. Volunteer options for shifts during the event will be posted under the Volunteer tab on this site the first week of school, 2016.

Teriyaki Food Booth

We are also seeking a family that wants to take over the teriyaki food booth, or replace it with something new and fresh! Interested folks can .

Services Needed from HRS Families

If you have, or can help us get connected with a large refrigeration truck or color printing services, please if you can help keep WestFest operating costs low! THANK YOU!

Sponsorships Sought

If you have, or know of a business that would like to donate to WestFest, we are seeking those now! Please to sign up! Your business or family name will be published on our website, in our informational fliers that are distributed to the community, and throughout the grounds during WestFest.