WestFest: September 19 & 20

WestFest Update

Posted on December 4, 2014

To all Parents & Supporters of WestFest:

I want to bring you the WestFest committee’s most heartfelt thanks, a chance to join in on the fun from the inside, and a final total of earnings for our Carnival of Community, that took place (what feels like) eons ago!

First, the thanks:

  • To all the junior high students that showed up and showed off the talents and opportunities that HRS has to offer in terms of serving the community.
  • To the countless parents that took all the shifts to help the carnival run smoothly (and for the area leads that kept everything organized and in operation).
  • To the families that came and made the entire community feel welcome—especially for those of you who were there on Saturday morning amongst all the strollers and little ones during “Toddler Time”, which was a campaign that was VERY successful in terms of generating new visitors to WestFest & HRS!

Like the infamous fish of WF, some of the committee leaders must be swimming off to the great blue yonder. We are looking for a few good parents to step into the roles of Communications, Logistics, Volunteer Coordination, and Finance Leaders. Keep building on the successes to make WF even better next year!

Contact if you are ready to assume a leadership role for next year’s event. We start planning in the spring of 2015 so it’s best to get all the help you can as early as possible!

Finally, we all came together to put on a very successful event! The best part is that all that fun & merriment translated into money!!!! Despite some additional expenses incurred (one-time things like the new look on the signage), we came away with $33,441.53 (up $1083.46 from last year!). Congratulations to everyone for making that happen!

Thank You For Making Westfest A Huge Success: The Most Profitable Year We’ve Ever Had!

Posted on September 24, 2014

So many people put in their time & talent to showcase Holy Rosary to the entire West Seattle community! We owe a huge thank you to the following below.

Our Sponsors, who help get us off the ground with funding, rain or shine! Please thank them by bringing business their way!


Also, several businesses generously donate items:

  • Star Generator (Waltier Family)
  • Total Outdoor Lighting (Padony Family)
  • General lighting (Gudgel Family)
  • Altep Advertising Fliers (Richardson Family)
  • Food Services of America (BBQ Booth)
  • Continental Mills Mix (Burke Family)
  • Fresh Express (Hamilton Family)
  • ATM (West Seattle Veterans Center)

Thank you to our In-kind donors, who help reduce the costs of many goods to help make WestFest benefit the school: Associated Grocers, MEAT the Live Butcher, Pegasus Book Exchange, Merryweather Books, Taco del Mar, Norwest Graphics and Clowns Unlimited.

If you have or know of a business that can sponsor or donate next year, please let a committee chair know! We are specifically in need of sponsors, a refrigerated truck or cooler, printing, a large tent and commercial rental equipment.

It takes an army-sized arsenal of volunteers to make an event this size go so smoothly, so we’d like to thank our committee lead people:

  • Parish/School Assistance: Mary Simpson, Sherry Smith, Melissa Tuthill, Jennifer Hazzard, Janise Jordan, and Scott Stoefen
  • Publicity, Sponsors & Raffle: Mike Go, Christine Grienauer, Sarah MacKay, Lori Draper, Jodi Sherwood, Holly Christenson
  • Finance: Ed & Michelle Wardian, Sheila Orsen, Beth Hamilton, Anne Daly, Irene Merz, and Yoshimi Lorbiecki
  • Operations: Frank Newman, Maggie Hooks and Steve Strand
  • Activities: Patrick & Tanya Blayney, Jodi & Troy Gascoynes, Krista Zeissel, Julie Cahill, Maureen Barton, Claire Fitterer, Christine Tweedy, and Randa Farran, Claudia Augello, Clara O’Brien, and Jon Barker
  • Entertainment & Logistics: Jim Dever, Chris Hasselbalch, Celine & Stefan Leigland, and Bart Eldridge
  • Food Booths: Joe & Cassandra Keppler, Sam & Jodi Sherwood, Phil & Laura Porter, Jerry & Sara Velling, Dan & Viv Pisciotta, Haley Hampton, Brian & Marti McGaughey, Dave & Katherine Gudgel, Melissa & Chris Ardales, Megan Khazaal, Marcia Metcalf, Leah Yount, Cathy Moran, Shelly Pugh, Frances Yang, Alma Dacanay, and Chad & Shelly Bundy

Special thanks to Cip Dacanay for keeping the rides safe and operational for all the kids at WestFest, and Claudia Augello and Clara O’Brien for covering all things Kids’ games! Also, to Anne Connell for managing the online sales sites and her beautiful displays of the raffle items. Finally, to Jodi Sherwood & Mike Go—for all the beautiful new graphics and comprehensive web redesign, WestFest has never looked better!!! We couldn’t have done it without all of your over & above dedication to WF!

A hearty thanks to all of the parents and students who volunteered to help in the various shifts & booths!

Finally, we would love your feedback! There won’t be a formal survey this year, but we would love to hear what you thought of this year’s event, and if you have suggestions to improve for next year, send them to one of the chairs below!

Your WestFest 2014 Committee Chairs:
Andrea Geraghty (Activities)
Kelly Poirer (Finance)
Marti McGaughey & Melissa Ardales (Food Booths)
Sarah Katsandres (Logistics)
Sandy Rottler & Celine Leigland & Jessica Murphy (Operations)
Kara Klem (Publicity & Sponsorship)