WestFest: September 18 & 19

WestFest 2015

Posted on May 8, 2015

The poodle skirts and leather jackets have been safely tucked away, so it's time to start planning for our NEXT great event: WestFest! I know, September 18th & 19th seem like a long time from now, but WestFest has so much to offer, we are excited to get started right away. This is a FANTASTIC chance to get a jump on those Fundraising hours over the summer as the school year kicks off. There are a few leadership roles that need to be filled and we are looking for people that LOVE WestFest as much as our students, parish and our community does, to step right on up! Getting set now ensures a good transition and a TON of support as we plan for WestFest - Carnival of Community - 2015.

The following roles need to be filled:


    First up, we need a shadow for yours truly, your Communications & Sponsorship Chair! I send out the school & parish & community communication, oversee the design, raffle & sponsorship leads, and am looking to increase our outreach through social media as well. While I have loved being a central part of this committee for 10+ years now, it's time to pass my keyboard over to the next generation!


    We need an energetic person who has strong community contacts and outstanding fundraising skills to join the committee as the Sponsorship Lead. This person will work over the summer to secure the support from local businesses to fund WF and its activities. There will be guidance for this position! Next, we are looking for a Logistics Chair. We have a very detailed binder with all the info you need to order the tables & chairs (etc.) - PLUS a detailed layout of where everything goes! You will have a team of folks to set up and tear down - and they are all ready to go. Ideally, this would be an event planner who will be around to assist and answer questions in the days up to, and during the event.


    Also, we are in need of a Finance Chair. We have data from prior years, and are looking for an Excel whiz that can keep all the debits & credits tracked, let the various teams know what their budget is, and so forth. We need someone who can get everything set up & loaded over the summer, then close the books after the event.


    Finally, we need a Book Sale Chair. This is a HUGE tie in to the community and parish members--many of whom come just to browse the books! We need someone to build inventory, and take & manage collections over the summer, up to the event. They will also oversee the sale (with volunteer help!) during WestFest.

We are so excited to kick off our planning for WestFest and to have some fresh ideas and fun new folks join the team! If you can see yourself in one of these roles and want to make a contribution to WestFest in this way, please contact .